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Yorkshire Brick

Mrs Simkins’ Country Kitchen: June 2017

Here’s a brand-new Yorkshire recipe: a bit like a snazzy version of an egg butty! Egg bricks are one of the joys of North African travel: an egg with plenty of parsley sealed inside a triangular filo pastry parcel and deep fried. Try this homely baked version, cooked in a Yorkshire pudding tin: the combination of creamy, softly set egg, fresh parsley and crisp filo pastry is irresistible.

Ingredients : Per-brick

  • ½ standard sheet filo pastry

  • 1 medium egg, fresh as possible

  • Finely chopped parsley to taste

  • Salt & black & white pepper to taste

  • 15g-20g (½-¾oz) butter, melted

  • Brown sauce or Hendo’s, to serve


Preheat oven to 200°C (fan oven) or equivalent.

You will need a baking tray, a 4-cup individual Yorkshire pudding tin, greaseproof paper and a pastry brush.

Heat baking tray in oven.

Cut circles of greaseproof paper to fit bottoms of Yorkshire pudding cups. Brush cups and paper with melted butter.

Lay out your piece of filo pastry (the ½ sheet should result in a perfect square), brush top side with butter and drape over prepared cup.

Press gently into the sides of the cup with the tip of the brush bristles.

Crack in egg. Scatter with parsley, salt and pepper.

Bring the sides of the pastry over the egg, brushing with butter as you go.

Put the tin on top of the heated tray for 8 minutes or until pastry is golden.

Serve immediately.


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