The ever-changing light of the North York Moors has inspired many an artist and photographer. I witnessed the area’s differing moods first hand on Friday. After leaving the pleasant but cold Vale of York I was greeted by several inches of snow at the top of Sutton Bank. Showers of rain, sleet and snow quickly came and went; blue skies, rainbows – you name it, I witnessed it in the space of an hour. What a fitting curtain call then to an exhibition at the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre where three top professional photographers – Mike Kipling, John Devlin and Brian Jobson – were opening a display called Masters of Light (until Feb 22). Their photos are stunning works of art – ably assisted by Yorkshire’s amazing countryside.
The above photo is not from the exhibition! It’s one of my snapshots taken on Friday, looking over Lake Gormire from Sutton Bank.

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  1. Phil

    I don’t think i’ve ever experienced Sutton Bank in the same way twice, as we used to go for our Boxing Day ‘work off the Christmas lunch’ walk up there very year.

    Whatever the weather, it’s never less than dramatic.

  2. Mo

    Absolutely gorgeous photo. Maybe you should have slipped it into the exhibition. I can’t help noticing the imprints in the snow on the bench. Is that evidence of you considering a snowy seat?


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