Sorry to harp on in typical British mode about the weather but of all my years in the Dales I’ve never known a greyer more dismal summer. Thank goodness then for the uplifting Yorkshire character which is keeping a lid on widespread depression. The dreadful August may have halved the attendance at this week’s Kilnsey Show but those who made the effort were well rewarded by the ebullient and good humoured folk of Wharfedale. There were very few miserable faces to be seen as everyone wallowed through ever-increasing depths of mud to take in the riches of Yorkshire agriculture. And along with neighbouring shows such as Malham these crucial historic events are slices of Dales life that can be enjoyed – and should be cherished – in any weather.

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  1. Paul Booth

    And national newspapers go on ‘ad nauseum’ about the annual Glastonbury Rock Festival mud bath. Why that’s nowt but a puddle compared to ominious quagmire depicted in the editor’s atmospheric photograph of the Kilnsey Show. Must say I am glad I not was tempted to venture up Wharfedale to test out my new green wellies in that sticky stuff.


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