After a hectic, tiring but enjoyable day at the Great Yorkshire Show on Thursday I followed up with a peaceful hour or so in the Pennine village of Luddenden on Friday. I got the feeling that folk were being a bit canny with their money at the show but with more than 135,000 taking in the three days it proves that interest in the show is still there. Combining the requirements of agricultural people, the equestrian set, traders and the general public is not an easy task but once again the balance was just about right at Harrogate. There was plenty for a Yorkshire man and woman to be proud of and the same could be said at Luddenden where the villagers certainly take a pride in appearances. Having reached the finals of the Britain in Bloom village section residents are now sprucing the place up for the final judging in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully the weekend’s awful weather won’t have knocked back the beautiful displays I witnessed. This is a fascinating part of Yorkshire with lots of gems like Luddenden hidden away in the deep, steep-sided valleys. You’ll be able to read more about Yorkshire’s Britain in Bloom finalists in September’s magazine.

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