One of the great things about living in Yorkshire is that you’re never too far from some welcome solitude. I found it in two very contrasting places this week. On Wednesday I was a little early for the launch, at York’s Treasurer’s House, of Yorkshire Bank’s unique new credit card featuring an Ashley Jackson painting. So I spent a little time in Dean’s Park in the minster grounds. The trees were just starting to change colour, the grand old building looked majestic (picked a seat where you can’t see the scaffolding) and there was the soothing sound of music coming from within those great walls. The sun highlighted the colours in the minster’s vast windows, and despite being just yards away from busy York streets full of noisy American tourists, it was very relaxing.
On Sunday I swapped York’s flatlands for the Dales and a walk along Silverdale where solitude sits alongside splendour. The path, from where the Pennine Way drops off Fountains Fell to meet the road, to Litton offers some excellent views in ever-changing light – see photo. Ahh, to be in Yorkshire!

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