I can’t get out and about in Yorkshire’s glorious Dales countryside every single week (but I do try…  purely on behalf of the Dalesman readers you understand). But wherever I am in the county I know I’m never far away from something of beauty or interest – or both. Following a short job in Bingley on Saturday morning I had some time to kill before my football fix at that architectural gem, the Galpharm Stadium in Huddersfield. So I took a stroll by the famous three- and five-rise locks on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Still going strong after almost 230 years, these simple but effective pieces of engineering continue to attract visitors from all over the world. There were walkers, cyclists, holidaying boaters and locals all using the canal and environs where once it would have been nothing but a place of work. As I drove off I wondered what the football stadium would be like in two centuries… and if my team would still be in the third division.
As a PS – what a tremendous sky and sunset I witnessed later that night…


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