‘The Big Society is the Government’s vision of a society where individuals and communities have more power and responsibility, and use it to create better neighbourhoods and local services. It lies at the heart of the Department’s work in housing, planning, regeneration and local government.’ Not my words but those of the government. The concept sounds fine on paper but I’ve always wondered how this will actually work in reality. Last week the provisional go-ahead was given by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority for the controversial £6.5 development at Scargill House near Kettlewell in Wharfedale. This was despite the fact that at the planning committee meeting there were four times as many residents who objected to the scheme than were for it. There were also objections from three parish councils representing over 2,000 residents of Upper Wharfedale. Locals compared the design to that of an East London bus station. But following a further report to YDNP members and provided all conditions are met, the building will go ahead after funds have been raised.
Not much power to the people there then.

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