At the end of a week that saw the worst of our society make the headlines I was pleased to be able to watch hundreds of wonderful law abiding people demonstrate the nation’s decent side on Sunday. The little town of Settle in Ribblesdale was swamped by walkers for the Jane Tomlinson Walk for All event to help raise charity cash. Three weeks ago, a few miles up the dale, I’d witnessed around 360 walkers trekking around the Three Peaks to raise cash for the British Heart Foundation. If I wore one I’d take my flat cap off to all the participants for their efforts. However, as I explain in my Diary in September’s magazine (which is currently at the printers) I do have some concerns about the damage caused by these mass walks. Some of the charities involved donate a small percentage of the money raised towards the upkeep but the onus generally falls on the national park or volunteer groups to tidy up and repair damaged areas when all the walkers have gone home. But I don’t want to appear a killjoy – Sunday’s walkers were fantastic and they also brought much needed cash to the area’s businesses and pubs.

Picture shows walkers heading up towards one of Penyghent’s most-worn areas

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