Happy Yorkshire Day from the county’s number one magazine. I hope you are able to celebrate by visiting somewhere special within our border. Last week while working for one of our other magazines, The Countryman, I visited one of the furthest outposts of the West Riding, Dunsop Bridge. There the old bridge over the Hodder still bears the WR sign and judging by the way it has been scrubbed up, the locals seem to remain proud of their Yorkshire roots despite now being governed by those from t’ other side. The Ordnance Survey once declared Dunsop Bridge as being the nearest village to the centre of the UK, although others dispute this. It is a lovely spot on the edge of the Trough of Bowland and its Roman Catholic church of St Hubert has the distinction of being built through the winnings from a horse race. At St Hubert’s Church the painting of a horse on the ceiling above the altar  is said to be of the 1861 Derby winner ‘Kettledrum’, owned by the Towneley family.

Photo: in case you missed it first time round… or maybe it’s one of those bi-lingual things – one in Yorkshire language, the other in Lanky twang? The smaller sign sits on an ancient milestone which contradicts the newer sign by claiming that Slaidburn is just three miles away.

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