As the year winds to an end and we enter 2022, I’d seriously like to hope that the worst of Covid is now behind us and that we can look forward to something more positive in the year ahead. I’m ever the optimist; you have to be! Yes, I’m sure there will still be a few bumps along the way and that we can’t expect complete ‘normality’ just yet. But, anything that resembles a more conventional spring and summer would undoubtedly be something to anticipate.
I’m sure that each and every one of us will have a personal preference of what we want to get involved in next year, but one thing I would really like to see is a full calendar of events for the shows.
Obviously, 2020 was a complete washout, and 2021 was a hit-and-miss calendar of uncertainty – something show organisers can well do without.

Hopefully, the year ahead will be worth waiting for… fingers crossed. With this in mind, we at The Dalesman are now planning which of the 2022 events we can ‘set up stall’ at, and as soon as those details are finalised, we will let you know. It’d be grand to meet as many of you as possible for a chinwag, so keep your eyes peeled for further information and be sure to drop by our stall when the time comes. For the shows we can’t formally attend with staff and stall, I’ll still endeavour to personally visit as many as possible. I love the shows anyway but if there’s one thing this pandemic has highlighted, it’s to take nothing for granted. So when the shows come to fruition, I intend to make hay while the sun shines! In the meantime, though, enjoy the edition, and I wish you all the best for 2022. Happy New Year, one and all.

Dan Clare, editor

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  1. Martin Milnes

    Just reading the February edition the day after a knee replacement, as you do. I particularly enjoyed the old-style crossword, after the furore I know went on: I left till the last minute because it was getting a bit boring, with too many articles really adverts: the current issue strikes the right balance. Just heading over to renew my subscription

    • The Dalesman Magazine

      Hi Martin,
      Thank you for your kind letter. We at Dalesman always aim to please, few things matter more to us than reader satisfaction.
      We hope you enjoy your renewed subscription.
      Kind Regards
      Dan Clare – editor


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