Now when Ah worra lad… hold on, don’t press that esc button just yet, I’m not going off on one of granddad’s jibbering rambles… I would look up at one of those old railway posters on Batley station and see a happy fair-haired lad, my age, with a bucket and spade in his hand, having the time of his life on Scarborough beach. It didn’t need any more than that to entice the good folk of the Heavy Woollen district out to Yorkshire’s glorious coast. I was thinking this last Friday as I sat through Yorkshire Tourist Board’s glossy launch of their 2009 campaign to attract people to the county. Not a bucket and spade or a flat cap in sight. They’re modernising our image and I suddenly felt very old. The TV ad shows a glamorous thirty-something-wannabe-exec slipping out of her glossy weekday lifestyle and heading for an all-action weekend in a trendy Yorkshire I’d never visited or even knew existed. She indulges in face-packs, saunas and unadulterated luxury combined with abseiling, paragliding and all the other things today’s superwoman gets up to over the weekend. I was exhausted just watching the advert. I wish the tourist board, now known as Welcome to Yorkshire, every success with the campaign. However, for those who prefer the quiet side of the county here is a relaxing photo of upper Swaledale I took over my thrill-packed weekend which also included doing the washing and ironing.


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