I’ve been turning out my pockets and searching under the mattress this week to see if I could cobble together £25,000. No, not for a new car or a week’s wage for a player for my favourite football team, but to buy a waterfall. Catrigg Force sits above Stainforth in the Ribble Valley and has been put up for sale. I’ve trekked up the ancient track from the village since being a youngster, stopping halfway to get my breath and admiring the view up Ribblesdale. There’s a frightening spot at the head of the fall where you stand at your peril as water from the beck gathers speed before diving down the sheer drop. A short path takes you down into another world. This wooded little glen has a damp, ancient feel about it, as not much sun reaches into the cove. The waterfall can be spectacular, with the whole arena echoing with noise, when the beck is in full spate. Anyone lend me the other £24,997.85p?

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  1. Richard

    £25,000 a week for a footballer’s salary. Which team do you support?

  2. admin

    Certainly not the team I support! I meant a month’s salary, apologies (probably still not the team I follow!).

  3. rhonda jhallahan

    on tv this year,the water fall didnt look sooo big,absolutly love it,havent got 25 g,it is beutifallll,would like to own it..beutifull to paint as an artist,could spend a lot of time there as without doubt many others would do tooo,.


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