Visitor centres usually try to present their surroundings in a positive light but when a revamped display opens it doors in Grassington at Easter it will include a nightmare vision of the future. The building, in the main car park in the village, closed on December 31 to allow work to start on a refurbishment that will see more retail space and new interpretation displays explaining features of the local countryside. It will reopen in time for Easter.

There will be a new area focussing on farming, with panels explaining how the agricultural landscape in Wharfedale has changed over time and showing the difference between traditional and modern farming methods. But there will also be a prediction of what the area might look like in 2080 if climate change goes unchecked and it shows a dry, barren landscape.

There will also be a hay meadows display to coincide with the Yorkshire Dales Hay Time Festival that will run from May to September to highlight the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the National Park’s hay meadows.

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