Vanishing countryside

Yorkshire’s peaceful countryside could be all but lost by the end of the century, according to the Campaign to Protect Rural England. The CPRE says that, even with two national parks within its boundaries, almost half the county is already blighted by the sight and sound of major roads, towns and other infrastructure.

It adds that 530 square miles – an area which it says is twice the size of the Leeds District – has been lost to blight since the early nineties. North and East Yorkshire are in the CPRE’s top ten areas for undisturbed countryside but the rest of the region is badly affected and seriously fragmented.

The group hopes its survey will act as a wake up call to the Government and bring home the fact that new developments affect a much greater area than the immediate land they take up. New roads, power stations and even aircraft bring noise and light pollution as well as contributing to the continuing urbanisation of countryside which is vital to our well-being and quality of life, it says.

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