I drove a friend to Leeds-Bradford Airport recently, pulled up outside the terminal, out he popped with a cheery farewell and thanks for a great few days in Yorkshire. In less than a minute we were both on our separate ways. I was then charged £2 to get out of the airport – I reckon that’s about 4p a second, which must make it the highest car parking charge in the country.
‘No change given’ sniggered the sign at the barrier. Fortunately, the following car driver had change for a tenner. The next words I read through my red mist were ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’.
I later rang to ask about this new tax on customers and was told that “restructuring of car parking will help with improvements to the airport”. And, apparently, next time I want a short stay I should go to the long-stay car park where I can have an hour for free… however, my passenger – the airport’s customer – would have to walk to the terminal or wait for a shuttle bus (which will drop him off at the same place I had done earlier).
I know he won’t mind this minor inconvenience (and he will be happy not to have to listen to me whining on and on about the fee) but the less abled, families and those laden with awkward luggage – and, I imagine, taxi drivers – won’t be too enamoured by such an unfriendly development at this gateway to Yorkshire.

On a more positive note my friend was impressed by the industrial archaeology of the Hoffman Kiln at Langcliffe in Ribblesdale, part of which is pictured here. Well worth the visit if you’re in the area… and it’s free.

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  1. Tony Roe

    An impressive photo reminiscient of a part of Fountains Abbey…

  2. maunman

    Great blog! I had a nasty surprise when dropping some friends off at the weekend. Used to use the airport frequently myself and for ‘welcoming’ visitors from other countries and have made many of my concerns clear. Could write a book!

  3. Webster Telecom

    It was kind of Leeds and Bradford airport to tell you that an hour’s parking can be had in long stay for free after the event – whilst they have put plenty of new signs off advising the new charging structure there’s certainly no indication of this “alternative” for what it’s worth.
    Surely this will only lead to drivers dropping their passengers at the roundabout or worse cause traffic chaos by reversing before the barriers?
    LBA’s claim it will help with improvements at the airport is not backed with much evidence. Already the limited departure gates are swamped with customers from the bars and food facilities crammed in to wring whatever cash they can from passengers squeezed into a building that in part actually resembles a cow shed.
    LBA enjoys a fantastic location and the support and patronage of Jet2, who chose LBA as the base of this great low-cost airline.
    The £2 charge is a step in the wrong direction. Welcome to Yorkshire indeed!


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