I hope you’ve been able to take advantage of our new feature on the website which allows you to view an archive film from the past. As I write, there’s a short film showing Bradford’s last trolleybus on its final journey. It was 1972 and I remember the day well… how the city centre has changed since then – and I wouldn’t disagree with anyone who says ‘not for the better’. The film is supplied by the Yorkshire Film Archive, a registered charity which finds, preserves and provides public access to moving images made in or about the Yorkshire region. The growing collections currently contain over 16,000 titles, ranging from films made by the early film pioneers of the late 1890s, to recent footage of changing landscapes and life in our region.
Buses also feature in the April edition of Dalesman which is now on sale – we have good news for those who rely on bus transport to visit the Dales. We also pay homage to a man who donated much land to the National Park, and take a wild and wonderful walk in the western Dales near Barbon. There’s also news of our exhibition at The Folly in Settle (pictued) – more on this in next week’s blog.

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  1. Charlotte Mooney

    For one moment I thought your new website feature would allow me to take a trolleybus journey back into the past.
    Now that would be interesting…

    Where would I travel to?
    Maybe to the grand opening of Harry Ramsdens Fish & Chip Emporium back in 1928.

    Or maybe even further back to the Dales village of Dent in
    the early 18th Century to investigate the truth about George Hedgson, the Dent Vampire.

    Hmm, I don’t know. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Ashley Jackson

    Looking forward to sharing in the Dalesman Exhibition at the Folly, Settle and being a part of the Dalesman history past and present.
    Best wishes
    Ashley Jackson


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