An award-winning film centred on the stunning scenery of the Yorkshire Dales National Park is touring the UK’s national parks.

Lad: A Yorkshire Story is the tale of teenager Tom Proctor, who comes to terms with the death of his dad through a friendship he forms with National Park Ranger Al Thorpe.

You can read about the making of Lad in the March edition of Dalesman in an article illustrated with pictures from the shoot.

Lad has already won the Golden Oosikar – the main prize – at the Anchorage International Film Festival and writer/director Dan Hartley, who based the story on his own experiences growing up in the Dales, will also be picking up a best feature film prize at Worldfest in Houston, Texas.

The character Al Thorpe was modelled on the late Al Boughen, who was a Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) Ranger in the 1980s. Mr Hartley, who used to live in Austwick, said that, as a teenager, Mr Boughen was his mentor and inspiration for several years.

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