maypole_260pxl1.jpgIt’s important that our traditions continue, not only to perpetuate our heritage but also to bring communities together. We live very differently from our ancestors, as our world is a smaller place and our daily life moves on much quicker than theirs ever did. So I enjoy the fact that my village of Long Preston in Ribblesdale takes a breather from today’s hectic pace and continues to celebrate May Day on the village green around the Maypole (not the pub, an actual pole – although the Maypole pub does a roaring trade, too). It’s one of the few times of the year when locals get together and seeing the children carrying on such an ancient custom is heartwarming. Well done to the volunteers who keep this tradition going.

I often envy retired folk. I had to pop over to Bolton Abbey last week to take some photographs – it’s a lovely place but one I tend to avoid at weekends, Bank Holidays and during the summer holidays. However, this time it was tranquil with just a few retired types enjoying their rewards after their lives of toil (well, that’s what they told me). The priory ruins looked magnificent with a parade of daffodils encircling the stonework while further upstream at the Strid the cool water was busy chuckling its way through the rocks. I could have stayed there all day but you people insist on having your Dalesman on time.

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