The arrival of the Olympic torch in Skipton has led to the temporary cancellation of the popular Broughton Game Show – the year’s major fundraising event for two of the region’s vital rescue teams. Volunteer groups Upper Wharfedale Fell Association (UWFRA) and Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) will miss out on more than £20,000 because the torch ceremony is being held on June 24 – the traditional date for the show held at Broughton Hall for the last 32 years. The show committee felt that with lots of family events being planned for the town centre it could have a massive affect on show attendance. There would also be problems with policing and the fact that caterers and attractions such as the bands who normally attend the show will instead be taking part in the torch ceremony – not just in Skipton but in surrounding areas through which the torch passes.
A change of date was considered but after a number of main attractions reported they were already booked up for the alternative weekends it was decided that putting on a sub-standard show could be disappointing for visitors and detrimental for following years. The volunteers are the big losers unfortunately, so I hope that people who would normally attend the show will go out of their way during the next twelve months to support the teams’ other fundraising events. Since 1979 the show has raised around £300,000 for the two groups. It has been cancelled only twice in the past – in 2001 because of Foot & Mouth and in 2009 after flash flooding.

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  1. Steve Finch


    people can donate to the Cave Rescue Organisation via their web site at from where it is possible to donate via ‘Just Giving’ or follow the links for forms and contact information.

    Although named the Cave Rescue Organisation (since 1935)- the CRO undertakes dozens of Fell and Mountain Rescue incidents every year, which account for around 80% of it’s work.

    The team is run by volunteers.

    A link to a report about the team is available here:


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