This week I visited Sedbergh, that far-flung outpost of the West Riding. A vibrant little rural town which continues to tick over thanks mainly to its school for the better off. I could have done with borrowing a brain cell or two, for there I was, visiting the Book Festival – without my reading glasses. The onset of old age struck me again a little later, too. Being in the area, I thought I’d take a stroll up to Cautley Spout, a fine waterfall emerging from the Howgills, that impressive barrier between Dales and Lakes. Three quarters of the way up the hill my right knee began to burn from the inside (old footballing injury) and so I decided to head back to the car instead of taking in the spectacular views from the top. The episode was made more annoying by the fact that a busload of healthy-looking walkers, all appearing older than me, breezed by with some cheery hellos. Now, what did I do with the car keys…

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  1. Paul Booth

    Looking at those nice sloping stony hillsides at Sedbergh it reminded me of a sport I used to indulge in a few years ago in the Lake District. And that was scree-running. Of course you had to find a steep slope in pristine condition and run down in a controlled manner to get the best effect. Unfortunately many slopes became worn and bare making the sport untenable on certain favourite mountains. Anybody out there also had a crack at scree-running?

  2. John Metcalf

    I recognised Cautley Spout at once. It’s a fantastic place to scramble around on the rocks. Is the photo taken from the hills on the opposite side of the road?

  3. Paul Jackson

    The photo was taken from the main path behind the pub heading towards the falls, close to where the ancient settlement is sited. The falls look a lot further away than they really are because of the camera angle.


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