Are you one of those who grumbles at the TV every time a presenter announces to the world something you know through your own knowledge or expertise to be wrong? I have to be careful what I say here of course, being a magazine editor – people in glass houses and all that. I admit that at Dalesman we haven’t the time or staff to look up every single fact, and sometimes errors slip through – but at least we have next month’s issue in which to print a correction. What’s got my hackles raised this time? Yes, it’s my old hobby horse – the Ridings. They have not been abolished, they haven’t disappeared, they are historical boundaries which will never move… despite what Lancaster born Julia Bradbury repeatedly told us on the Countryfile programme yesterday. The Ridings were set centuries before modern day local government came into being and will remain long after curmudgeons like me are six feet under Yorkshire soil. Now those who are in the know will be grumbling at their computer and calling me an idiot because I just stated Ms Bradbury is a Lancastrian. Those who didn’t know that, could have taken my statement as gospel and carried that snippet of information away with them to pass on. Also, anyone who now Googles ‘Julia Bradbury born’ may well end up with the line above which says Lancaster. She was actually born in Dublin – how do I know? I read it on Wikipedia on the internet so it must be true.

Photo: a frosty day last week, looking over Wharfedale near Appletreewick in the West Riding of Yorkshire

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