There are some short walks I never tire of, no matter how popular they might be with others. The stroll to the foot of Malham Cove, over to Gordale Scar and Janet’s Foss then back by the beck to the village is spectacular and delightful – no matter what time of year. Hailstones greeted my arrival at Malham early Sunday morning and it never really cheered up throughout the walk but how can anyone not be lifted by this great limestone show? I used to camp at Gordale as a youngster; it seemed more of an adventure then. Now there is a tidy new path all the way to the gorge, allowing the less abled a chance to view the waterfalls and get a feel of the grandeur of the place. Janet’s Foss (pictured) remains a magical place even after countless visits and I saw many signs that spring was on the way in the wood and meadows on the walk back alongside Gordale Beck.

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