Being in the exalted position of Dalesman editor I feel able to give out Honorary Yorkshire Folk Awards. Some people are not fortunate enough to have been born within the hallowed boundary… it wasn’t their fault that their ancestors weren’t allowed in. With August 1 (Yorkshire Day for offcumdens) approaching I would like to bestow the honour on two of the country’s best writers, Alan Plater and Alan Ayckbourn. AP, who sadly died last month, was born in Jarrow but moved to the East Riding when he was only three. AA, born somewhere south of Sheffield, has now been associated with Scarborough for more than fifty years – you can read about his time in Scarborough in this month’s edition of Dalesman which is on sale now. I have always admired their work… and they are well worthy of the accolade of honorary Yorkshiremen. Let me know of any nominees you’d like to put forward.
PHOTO: I was over in Richmond earlier this week gathering information for a feature for later in the year, and on the way back called at Ilton, near Masham, to photograph the unusual ‘Druids Temple’. You can read all about the strange construction, hidden in an isolated wood, in September’s magazine.

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  1. Andrew Long

    Having been born on the “Red” side of the pennines in 1960. I arrived in Yorkshire on the 22nd October 1986 and have settled in Selby for nearly 25 years, which equates to some 49% of my life. I was wondering, therefore, that whilst not relinquishing my Lancastrian birthright, in some cases I may be able to use “Dual Nationality”. This may be of use, when Yorkshire Cricket play one of the “southern softies”. rather than support t’northerners (as I always do) I may feel that I have some close affinity with a County which has put up with me for such an ionic period and therefore can applaude, cheer a county I feel nearly as much a part of as my own. (this does NOT relate to any fixtures in anything between the RED and the White rose). Yours in anticiopation .

    Andrew Long


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