Life on and around the river Ribble near Settle has been hectic this last week. Salmon have been heading back from their seaside jaunt, giving spectators like me the chance to witness their Olympian-standard leaps up Stainforth Foss. Anglers have lined the banks for miles, from Paythorne to Stainforth, in the hope of landing the big one; one chap told me he’d caught two of the biggest brown trout he’d come across in years on a stretch of the river near Long Preston. And the Settle Hydro scheme came a step closer fruition when the Archimedean screw was slotted into place (see photo) at Settle Weir near where the old mill waterwheel once stood. The Scheme will generate about 165,000 kWh of electricity per year – enough for around 50 average houses – saving 80 tonnes of carbon per year or 3,200 tonnes of carbon over an expected lifetime of 40 years. All this activity was followed by torrential rain at the weekend swelling the river and bringing about tougher times for fish, anglers and workmen alike. Such is life by the river.

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