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Jon Stokoe

A word from the editor – April 2020

Feel free to have a read of my ramblings in this month’s magazine below.

However, it is fair to say the perils of a monthly magazine have done me up like a kipper.

Quite obviously, the coronavirus has taken over our lives so as we battle to come out safely the other side my message (for what it’s worth) is simple:


While I would love you all to head to the places to support the businesses which were hit so badly by the floods, we’ll be needing to do that when it is safe to do so.

So until then, stay safe, look after each other, keep in touch with loved ones and, if you can, be a good neighbour where possible.

And most of all, use your common sense.

Yours in Yorkshire #2,


At the time of writing, we’re actually enjoying some sunshine in Skipton – maybe only the fourth or fifth time I have actually seen it since taking over from Adrian who, I’m sure swore blind, told me it was always sunny this side of the moors.

So while already dreaming of these balmy summer’s evenings along the canal, my overriding thought of late is for all those of you in Yorkshire who are still coming to terms with the devastating flooding during Storms Ciara and Dennis.

While the national press has already forgotten about theseYorkshire towns and villages in favour of the impending doom of the coronavirus and which MP has done this, that and t’other, it has been pleasing to see so many heart-warming stories of help and support in the local news and on social media as our communities look to battle back to normality.

Kind words and sparing a thought for these people and businesses is one thing, but helping them back into their homes and kickstarting their businesses again is wholly another.

So now is the perfect time to head to these places.Use those cafés, book shops and garden centres and the proverbial butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

Every little bit we can do to help speed up the recovery of these communities is so important so I hope I’ll see some of you in these locations, some of which I’ve never visited before.

In the meantime, we’ve lots of great content once again in this month’s magazine, as well as competitions and unbeatable offers in our exclusive Members Club.

I won’t spoil it all by telling you what to look out for… just take a moment to relax and enjoy some Yorkshirey goodness.

Yours in Yorkshire,


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