If I was to tell you that I wanted to churn up this beautiful stretch of Wharfedale to make way for a railway line that would (for those who could afford the fare) knock about 45 minutes off their journey from London to the north, you’d probably (I hope anyway) propose I was locked up in a darkened room somewhere. If I was to add, at a time when essential services are being axed and whole countries are going bankrupt, that my lowest estimate for creating this super-duper train will be £30bn, you’d confirm that the key to my padded cell be thrown away. Yet this kind of proposal, the HS2 (High Speed Train), is actually being considered by the government – not in Wharfedale of course but in similar beautiful country elsewhere in England. I want the best for Yorkshire and I want our businesses to thrive; I’d like us all to have a good standard of living in the county and enjoy full employment. But I am very far from being convinced by the hype being put forward by a few business leaders who are claiming that this train link will herald all kinds of goodies for us poor, deprived folk up t’ north. Our current railway system could be improved for a fraction of the cost without destroying hundreds of miles of countryside and ruining the lives of thousands of people.
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