I had a job out Otley way last week and called in at Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs on my return to the office. We’ll be featuring a walk around this area in the May issue of the magazine and I thought I’d see if there were many signs of spring. The photo was taken on the day I went and I guarantee I have not converted it to black and white – that really was the true ‘colour’. There were but few people around, a couple of geese were having a noisy ‘domestic’ on the water and some finches were chattering in the path-side trees. By the water’s edge a variety of plantlife looked apprehensive about emerging into a cold and windswept landscape. Two days later, on sunny Sunday, I drove by the reservoir again and it was as busy as Blackpool prom on a bank holiday; the whole place had burst into life… humans venturing out for their first fresh air and sunshine of the year and the wildfowl excited by all the activity. Hopefully spring has at last arrived in Yorkshire.

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  1. Chris

    I visited Fewston on saturday afternoon and observed a number of dogs being allowed to run free, chasing the ducks and geese. You also had to be careful on the paths as a number of dogs had left ‘messages’ despite a number of dog waste bins.


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