Isn’t it uplifting to see the greenery arriving back in the Dales, and all the lambs bouncing around? Daffodils are out around the farm entrances – and the roads are busier with more tourists, hopefully spending their money to help Dales businesses. Talking of roads… are you like me and swerving like some Olympic slalom skier trying to dodge all the potholes as you travel around Yorkshire? I’ve got the hang of the course between home and work along the A65 but every so often I lose concentration and hit one of these car traps. My last altercation brought about the demise of the bulb for my nearside headlight. Okay, only a couple of quid for a new bulb… but have you ever tried to fit one in a relatively new car? You either have to be a contortionist or have a degree in engineering to be able to do the simplest of jobs on the car nowadays – it annoys the pants off me! I refuse to take it to the dealers for them to charge me an arm and a leg for replacing a bulb. This has nothing to do with me being a tight tyke – it’s the principle. It’s Sunday, so I don’t care how long it takes me…

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  1. South Yorkshire Archery

    Im glad that the weather is getting better. It’s now sensible weather to have a stroll through a wood and see the sights, the wildlife and the creatures.

    Although dont get me started about pot holes! With the amount of pot holes in South Yorkshire, especially between Rotherham and Doncaster, it is virtually impossible to dodge them all. Worst of all, it left me with a bent wheel which needed replacing 🙁

  2. Bex

    Potholes have been a regular attraction here across the pond in New England for decades. I think the auto repair shops must have a deal with the cities – “Don’t fill the potholes until enough vehicles have been damaged to make us a nice little profit on repairs.” It seems it’s all fixed against the drivers who have to constantly maneuver around the gaping holes in the pavement.

    On all our trips to the UK, I always would comment about how nice the roads were, but I hear that this past winter has really done some damage and that damage is not getting repaired any time soon. Sorry to hear about that. I miss Yorkshire very much as it’s been 9 years since our last visit there.


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