I battled very briefly with my conscience before deciding that the chaos created by Christmas and New Year at home could remain a little longer while I went out for some fresh air. The snow was deep and the ground underneath icy but the small track from Settle to where it meets the road to Winskill had been fairly well used by walkers and farmer alike. The views up Ribblesdale towards Penyghent and Ingleborough made the tough going worthwhile – but I didn’t have the camera with me, of course. The road to Winskill and beyond to Malham remained blocked by snow and so I headed back down to Langcliffe, looked around the pretty church there and returned via the old back road to Settle. The few people I encountered all said a cheery ‘Morning’, which brings me to the real point of this missive. On greeting a couple walking in the opposite direction both myself and the male of the pair slipped simultaneously on the same patch of ice. I landed on my backside while the other chap managed to get his hands down for a more elegant landing. Why is it that women find men’s embarrassing situations so amusing? After curbing her laughter and saying we ‘should be on that ice dancing programme on telly’ she announced it was the funniest thing she’d seen all Christmas. I was beginning to wish I’d stayed at home with the housework.

Photo shows the snowy scene further up Ribblesdale.

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