Anyone care to join in my campaign, WASP (War Against Snow Panickers)? A trip from the office on Friday to the outskirts of Thirsk should have seen me there and back in three hours – it took me seven. It’s not as though we were all perishing under four feet of snow – the main roads were perfectly clear and most minor roads were easily negotiated with a bit of sensible driving. Had it not been for people panicking – or was it just a good excuse for an early Friday afternoon finish – we could all have gone about our normal business hassle free. Rant over. The snow stayed on the Dales hilltops over the weekend but the valleys were clear, so with spasmodic clear skies above I snatched the chance to get some fresh air to try blow away ‘man flu’. Melting snow left many routes sodden so I didn’t venture too far – and there was also a strong, freezing wind… you may notice some camera shake on this photo taken above Helwith Bridge looking towards Penyghent.

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