I was chatting to an old farmer at the Great Yorkshire Show this week. He won’t mind me calling him old – he said he’d lost count of the number of shows he’d been to, and he had a little whine about how commercial the Great Yorks had become.”

I nivver go up to them there big tents wi’ all them fancy goods and what-av-yer. Wife does, but Ah stay darn ‘ere wi’ all t’ beasts. Mi son likes to look at all t’ new-fangled farm machinery. I tell ‘im wi can’t afford it so why bother?”

There was a twinkle in his eye and I don’t think he was the hard-bitten, bitter old Yorkshireman with never a good word for anyone that his demeanour hinted at. He’d gained a few certificates for his sheep and was content to be around his beloved animals and to accept any passing admiration and congratulations. And when a young girl asked him why his sheep hadn’t any horns like the ones next door, his face was a picture and he was more than happy to pass on some wise words.

The show is so big that those wanting the commercialism and shopping mall experience are satisfied while the country set and farming community are also well catered for… but personally I wouldn’t like to think it had to grow any more. Give me the intimate, traditional country show any day.

NOTE: We have a list of Yorkshire country shows that run until October on the Dalesman main site – click here

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