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Gervase Phinn Mangled English Cover

Gervase Phinn’s Mangled English


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Gervase Phinn’s latest book – now available in paperback

English can be such a beautiful language when used properly. However, sometimes what we say and write can lead to a great deal of misunderstanding and unintentional humour, as bestselling author and former school inspector Gervase Phinn shows in his new book Gervase Phinn’s Mangled English.

This humorous anthology of the English language includes book requests (“Lionel Richie’s Wardrobe by Cecily Lewis”) and book titles (Handbook for the Limbless); people’s names (Nora Bone); proverbs (‘If he died with a face like that, nobody would wash the corpse’); spoonerisms (‘The British Broadcorping Castration’); classroom howlers (“A fibula is a small lie”); malapropisms (“She’s got a congenial disease”) and euphemisms (“I’m off to shed a tear for Nelson”); newspaper misprints (“New research into causes of dysexlia”); and epitaphs (‘He died in peace. His wife died first’).

When he is not writing best-selling books, Gervase Phinn is a teacher, freelance lecturer, author, poet, school inspector and educational consultant. For fourteen years he taught in a range of schools in Yorkshire until, in 1984, he became general adviser for language development in Rotherham.

Four years later he moved to North Yorkshire where he spent ten years as a school inspector, which has provided much of the material for his bestselling Dales books, including The Other Side of the Dale and Over Hill and Dale.

He now teaches, lectures and directs courses throughout the country and abroad, and is in constant demand as a public speaker. Gervase Phinn is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, the visiting professor of education at the University of Teesside and an honorary fellow of St Johns College, York. He is married with four grown-up children.

Gervase has written many books for Dalesman, including the Little Gems series and his latest bestseller, Mangled English.

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