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Flat Caps & Mufflers - Ian McMillan

Flat Caps & Mufflers



Since 2008, author, poet and presenter Ian McMillan and award-winning cartoonist Tony Husband have entertained readers of Dalesman magazine with their unique, humorous take on life in the White Rose county. Now, for the first time, these columns are brought together in one hilarious volume.

You’ll learn all about the essence of Yorkshireness, find out how to “dress proper” and the correct way to greet a Yorkshireman. You’ll discover the secret of the perfect cup of Yorkshire tea and learn why the flat cap is always “on trend” in God’s Own Country.

“Yorkshireness is more than an accident of birth and an ability to whip up a Yorkshire pudding because you’ve got Yorkshire wrists,” says Ian. “It’s a state of mind.” Hardback.