I went to the pictures last week to see the launch of the second series of The Dales TV series which starts on ITV tonight. It’s up against EastEnders which I’m told is very popular. There’ll be no fighting over the remote in our house. The new series has a bit more ‘Ade Edmondson’ and if the two episodes I watched at Skipton’s Plaza are anything to go by he really seems ‘up for it’ – relaxed yet enthusiastic. The programme is perhaps unfairly compared by many with the old Dales Diary series which ran for so many years and was hugely popular. The two programmes are very different. The Diary had a homely charm and a nostalgic feel while The Dales is about what’s happening today and has more energy. I particularly enjoy the aerial shots – breathtaking when viewed on a cinema’s large screen. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, you have to agree that the programme can only be good for the Dales, through increasing awareness and attracting tourists to the region.

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