Rain on Friday and Saturday had me a little nervous about this year’s Dalesman Broughton Game Show, considering what happened in 2007. But there was no repeat of the deluge which led to the cancellation of last year’s event and although the grounds were muddy and soggy in places, the show on Sunday was a great success. The hall’s magnificent grounds may take a while to recover after thousands of human and canine feet made their way around the place at what is surely a unique event. It has its traditional elements plus the eccentric and unusual. In many ways it represents a vanishing rural way of life. Also it provides an opportunity for many isolated people to get together to chat about shared rural problems.

It was a great opportunity, too, for me to meet readers, contributors and old friends. Thank you for all those who went out of their way to chat about the way Dalesman is developing. As always, your comments – good or bad – are most welcome.

One low point for me though, was a stark confirmation of just how old I am. Aching legs from standing and walking around all day is bad enough but it struck home in the classic cars section – some of those makes and versions I’d had when is was a younger car owner. Surely that can’t be right?

UPDATE: We have created a page of photographs with some of the highlights from the 2008 Broughton Game Show.

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