This week I was part of the judging team for the 2010 Yorkshire Rural Awards, organised by Dalesman. My fellow judges included three of the county’s hardest working ambassadors in Gary Verity of Welcome to Yorkshire, Sir Thomas Ingilby of Ripley Castle and Keith Madeley of the Yorkshire Society. It’s gratifying that such busy people are willing to take time out to help judge this year’s leading rural heroes. And what a difficult job it was to sort out the top candidates such was the high quality of nominated individuals and businesses. Shortly you’ll be able to find out who we judged as deserving of a place at this year’s special awards evening in May – see the website and the next edition of Dalesman.
One of this year’s candidates is the hydro scheme in Settle and by coincidence I this week visited another site for such a scheme, at Bainbridge in Wensleydale. The tiny River Bain rushes down from Semerwater to join the Ure and as you can see from my photo there’s plenty of power to be harnessed – see full story in May’s edition of Dalesman. For details of the Bain hydro plan visit

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