The worst thing about awards ceremonies is that there have to be ‘losers’. Of course, that’s the wrong description for those who left empty handed from the Dalesman Yorkshire Rural Awards which took place on Thursday night at Harrogate Pavilions – even to be short-listed for these awards is in itself a huge achievement. For me the evening, masterfully hosted by Dalesman favourite Gervase Phinn, was about meeting some of those dedicated Yorkshire folk who are prepared to work their socks off to create a future not just for themselves and their families but also for the welfare of local communities. Too many of us sit back and whinge about the state of this or that, blaming all on sundry for our problems. But how refreshing and uplifting it is to talk to people with the imagination and enthusiasm to get up and do something about it. Please take a look at our special awards night pages and ‘meet’ some of these special people yourself.

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