The car thermometer announced ‘minus 4’ as I arrived at work at 6.45am today. As I emerged from the car the first gulp of freezing air hit a sensitive back tooth, giving me a shock and a reminder to see the dentist. Memories of yesterday’s sunny autumnal walk alongside the River Ribble were quickly vanishing. The colours of autumn looked pleasing against the limestone in this part of the Dales but they disappear far too quickly and I dare say if I take the same walk next weekend it will have changed to an ever-more wintry scene… another reminder of how time flies and that winter is well on its way. I spent some of last week searching for winter photos for Dalesman’s January and February covers and came across some super photos of Roseberry Topping. When I spoke to mountaineer Alan Hinkes at the Dalesman Awards he told me that he’d lost count of the number of times he’d been up this hill – in all weathers. The views from the top on a clear day are vast and as good as anywhere in Yorkshire but I’ve only been up Roseberry in summer and by the looks of the snowy shots I’ve just seen I’ll leave the winter ascents to experts like Alan.

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