Hard-working staff at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park spent Christmas Day giving the animals a festive feast.

While the rest of us were tucking into turkey and all the trimmings, wildlife at the park enjoyed different special menus of their own.

Red River hogs managed nearly a whole Christmas dinner while leopards and tigers devoured duck.

Meanwhile, the lions enjoyed beef wrapped up as presents, the antelope savored sprouts, the zebras had carrots and the squirrel monkeys vegetables.

YWP’s latest arrivals the Giraffes were fed bananas, which were also given to the lemurs in stockings.

But staff gave the Meerkats the biggest treat of all – a special grape and mealworm Christmas cake.

YWP Director Cheryl Williams said, “We always give the animals a Christmas treat – ready for the crowds when we open on Boxing Day.

“They all seemed to really enjoy their special menus, which makes the effort all worthwhile.”

Despite being shut to the public on Christmas Day it was business as usual for staff, who had to look after the animals as normal.

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