Yorkshire’s blessed with some of the most interesting religious buildings in the country. I had time in between jobs around Helmsley last week to pop into one of the biggest and one of the smallest places of worship in the county. Rievaulx Abbey must have been an overwhelming sight in its full glory; even the ruins are awe inspiring. I marvel at the way such a building could have been constructed with only medieval tools and know-how. At the other side of Helmsley (pictured), which surely is one of Yorkshire’s finest ancient market towns, is St Gregory’s Minster – a grand name for Kirkdale’s fascinating little Norman church in its peaceful setting. Don’t run away with the idea I’ve suddenly found religion but I also called in at Helmsley’s parish church, All Saints, which has strong Victorian architecture tagged on to Norman remains. This too is an amazing place with its enormous mural designed by a Victorian vicar along one wall and its twenty-feet long dragon on another. Two American visitors were admiring Rievaulx at the same time as me and said ‘You sure are lucky to have places like this’. Amen to that.

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