The weather might have been poor this week but at least the rain has brought a bit of drama to the scene here in the Dales. Driving from the office through Wharfedale and up to Cray I witnessed all those waterfalls springing out of the surrounding slopes which looked like some great leaking dam. Down Bishopdale I called in at West Burton to see those pretty falls looking very moody indeed, then it was on to Richmond were the Swale rampaged down the rocks below the castle (see pic above). The river’s power was awesome and despite the greyness of the day the glory was there for all to see.

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  1. Yorkshire Dave

    Seeing the awesome scenes across the Dales after any torrential rain tends to make up for the poor weather in most cases, let’s hope the resevoirs will start to benefit as well and then we can have some sunshine back before August ends!


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