About thirty years ago I lived in a small hamlet called Middleton, near Ickornshaw. I was quite fit in those days and one of my favourite jogging routes included a path from home up to Cowling (or Wainman’s) Pinnacle, along the gritstone edge to Lund’s Tower and back down the quiet lane into Cowling village. I returned there one glorious evening last week to remind myself of the fabulous views there are from the ridge. It is possible to see Pendle Hill, Ingleborough and Ilkley Moor plus a whole lot more. There were climbers on Earl Crag but apart from them I had the place to myself. I was reminded of a glorious sunset I once watched from this spot and a whole host of other memories from my time in the region. It is often said you shouldn’t go back to places from your past as they’ll never be the same – in this case my return journey was well worth it. Can’t see me ever running up that hill again though.

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