There’s something about Penyghent that draws me back time and time again. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been up the hill and as my blog will testify I’ve photographed it from all points of the compass. After many weeks tied to the computer completing the new Dalesman Visitor Guides I finally found enough time to head back out into the Dales – and where did I go? You guessed it. Even very early Sunday morning there were a couple of groups setting off up the hill from the Silverdale Road side, suitably garbed to protect them against the biting cold – for although Penyghent looked inviting against bright blue skies, 3000 feet up the air temperature would be well below freezing. Despite not being the highest Dales peak or the toughest to climb there’s a majesty about Penyghent… perhaps it’s the position, staring as it does down Ribblesdale. Maybe it’s the lion shape. I still recall a view of the hill from about 30 years ago when I’d walked up from Arncliffe over Fountains Fell. As I headed off the boggy tops of Fountains towards Silverdale, Penyghent sat there in front of me looking glorious in early morning light. The other two bigger ‘cats’ of Whernside and Ingleborough looked on, keeping their distance, as though knowing who was the boss in this patch.

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