Thousands of orchids in the Yorkshire Wolds have reportedly been destroyed after a trench was dug to lay pipes.

The York Press reports today that the flowers, in a secret roadside location, were ruined after bulldozers moved in and dug a 140 foot trench through the site.

The paper reports that the work could damage growing conditions of the common marsh orchids, pyramidal, and common spotted orchids, which need hard chalky ground.

Wildlife artist Robert E Fuller told The Press, “Orchids have very special growing requirements. They need poor, hard, compact ground and it is now a squashy mess which will undoubtedly get invaded by weeds which will push out the orchids.

“This is one of the best orchid sites in the country. There are literally thousands of orchids here and in summer it is a sea of pink. “ It is a magical place and I just cannot believe that this has been allowed to happen.”

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