I could never live anywhere flat… sorry to all those who live in the Vale of York – beautiful as the area is, I’ve been brought up and lived all my life surrounded by hills and when I’ve been away I really look forward to seeing them again. Mind you, getting up and down the darn things is becoming more and more difficult for me and cycling long distances around the Dales is certainly not for me. Or is it… I read this week that the national park is hoping to launch a Dales Electric Bicycle Network and is asking local businesses for help.
Kath Needham, a tourism officer with the park, says: “Many people who enjoy cycling but who are not super fit (yes, that’s me} may dismiss biking in the Dales as too challenging (yep, definitely me). But electric bikes are great for ‘flattening’ hills – giving visitors the chance to choose a green form of transport on which to enjoy this fantastic but fragile countryside rather than in a car.
“From a business owner’s point of view, hiring out bikes or acting as a charging point can be a great commercial opportunity. Following on from successful launches last year in the Lake District and the Peak District national parks, we are now looking to launch the Dales Electric Bicycle Network to cover our National Park and beyond. But, for it to be a success, we need to hear from businesses in the Dales who can see the potential and want to know more. The bikes appear to be a real draw to visitors and if, for example, you offer accommodation, they could be a reason why guests pick your place to stay over others.”
Anyone interested can contact Kath at kath.needham@yorkshiredales.org.uk

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