We certainly hit the heights in this month’s edition of Dalesman which is on sale this week. Firstly we visit one of the highest and most remote farms in the Dales to see how the Owen family – stars of the ITV series The Dales – are settling down now the cameras have gone… only to find they’ve been involved in another drama. Rather him than me, writer David Lee ventures to the top of the magnificent Humber Bridge – even the photos make me feel wobbly – and comments on how life has changed for the people living within its shadow. With all the recent talk of extending the National Park boundaries we venture as far west as you can get in the current area under the auspices of the Yorkshire Dales National Park for a high-level walk in the Howgill Fells. Even in the most remote parts of Yorkshire they’ve stopped sending little boys up chimneys to clean them out (I think!). This month in our popular Graftin’ and Laikin’ section we remember the old chimney sweep and also discover a resurgence of the business. High on the Pennines above Huddersfield the M62 motorway snakes across the moors – we’ve been up to Scammonden to mark the fortieth anniversary of its opening (see photo). Don’t worry if you suffer from vertigo… there’s also plenty inside for those who prefer life at sea level.

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