It’s Bank Holiday Monday and here I am writing a blog. I’m not a great fan of Bank Holidays. If I had my way we’d all be able to choose our own holiday Monday to take when we please. This would help congestion on the roads and keep some of my favourite places a bit quieter. My plan would also have the added advantage of driving furniture stores’ advertising agencies into apoplexy over the timings of their special, never to be repeated, Bank Holiday sales.

Anyway, it’s a grey October morning and there’s a chill wind so I shall stay local and enjoy some of the fabulous Ribblesdale countryside I’m fortunate enough to live beside. I have plenty to look forward to, for tomorrow is Kilnsey Show day, a fine traditional Dales event over in neighbouring Wharfedale… watch out for my report later this week.

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  1. Gemma

    Our first visit to Kilnsey Show yesterday consisted of an hour long traffic jam to get in, waterlogged car parks and a total mud bath of a showground. We got fed up of wading through the quagmire after couple of hours and left – I don’t think we’ll be returning in 2009.


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