A North Yorkshire garden designer is one of the presenters of a new six-part television series which reveals how plants offer an understanding of Britain’s changing landscape and wildlife.

Royal Horticultural Society gold medallist Chris Myers, of Thornton-in-Craven, is presenting Wild Things on Channel 4, along with his Labrador, Lottie.

They are joined each week by one of Britain’s top botanists Dr Trevor Dines and lichenologist Sally Eaton.

From remote mountain-tops to murky urban bogs, their wild plant hunts take them all over Britain as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the wild – often in the most unlikely places.

The Spanish bluebell is threatening our native bluebell – and eradicating that unique smell. We are seeing a decline in the Juniper berries, which are used to make our beloved gin. And London appears to be providing a sub-tropical haven for some exotic plants to grow. Each week holds strange and exciting discoveries for Chris and the team as they search our cities and countryside to discover what grows where in Britain today and why.

Bold experiments and innovative approaches – from controlled explosions in military no-go zones, to oven-roasting microscopic bears that live by our roadsides – help explain why some plants have moved in, others have disappeared, and most importantly, why this matters to the rest of us.

Following the remarkable natural history project, the team uses a new scientific survey of wild plant maps, from the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI), dating back as far as back 1962, allowing them to investigate our wildlife and examine the changes that have taken place in the British landscape and flora over the past 50 years.

Presenter Chris Myers is a rising star in the world of landscape design with an unmistakable passion for wild plants.

Also a part-time farmer, his roots are firmly in Yorkshire and whenever he’s back home he heads into the wild landscapes around him looking for inspiration to mimic Mother Nature in his show garden designs.

Already a multi-gold-medallist designer, this down-to-earth Yorkshireman has now set his sights set on the prestigious Chelsea Flower show. Through this series Chris will be going ‘over the garden fence’ and asking his team of experts some tough questions about invading aliens and disappearing species as well as trying to find out about the simple power of plants today and what they can tell us. He might use plants, but does he really understand them? Will these investigations fuel him with the next creative seeds to sow a winner?

Wild Things, starts on Channel 4 on 21 January.

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