We have a new van which is being used by staff who go out and about around the county. It’s emblazoned with our logos and those of our sister magazines and is easily recognised. “I saw your van in Airton and then again in Malham,” a chap I know said at the weekend, following up with, “What were you up to then?” I thought to myself there’s going to be no secret parking up and admiring the views while I’m out in this van. Malham was quiet and peaceful with just a handful of walkers and locals going about their daily business – such a contrast to the weekends here. I stopped to take this classic Malham shot  – a pity the famous old shop with cottage by the bridge is in need of some tlc at the moment… it’s certainly seen better days. As the building is somewhere that’s always provided a lasting impression for visitors to the village perhaps the National Park could lend a hand with some renovation?

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