Bumped into a neighbour coming out of the village shop on Sunday morning. He was carrying a small tree of newspapers under his arm. ‘Not difficult to guess what you’re up to, today,’ I offered, nodding at the bundle of supplements and the like he was clinging on to in the stiff breeze. ‘Aye, keep me out of mischief. What you up to today?’ he responded. I told him I was driving up to Nidderdale, maybe take some photos, get a bit of fresh air – he smiled politely. Hope I didn’t sound a bit pious, holier than thou – I didn’t mean to! How people relax after a hard week at work is a very personal thing and there’s no right or wrong way to spend your Sundays.  As it happens the day got gradually worse and I snapped just a few photos and inhaled very little fresh air. I’d been reminded of the interesting road between Masham and Pateley Bridge by a friend a few weeks ago and made a note to myself to visit the area again. It’s the road from Masham that passes the reservoirs before heading high over those bleak moors to enter upper Nidderdale at Lofthouse. My picture shows the village seen from just before the steepest section from where you can also gain a good view down the dale to Gouthwaite – but not on this day unfortunately.

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  1. David

    Nidderdale really is stunning, I like the view at the back of Brimham rocks, it really is superb, especially if you climb to the top of one of the rocks.


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